Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm obviously missing something

Here's a picture of what I got done yesterday. I was happy with what I got done yesterday, considering all the unsewing I had to do for the ties.

I'm working on my HP blouse this evening, but have run into a snag. The pattern picture clearly shows 5 lines, evenly spaced, going down the back.
The pattern directions say to fold the pleats toward the side seams. The pattern piece also shows this configuration. But this is impossible to do and end up with a line down the middle as shown in the line drawing.

The only way I could create a line down the middle was to make an inverted box pleat there, but now all five lines are not evenly spaced. I tried folding the pleats in a different direction, but then the tops of the pleats dont match for the cutting. Something definitely isn't right here - or maybe I'm missing something obvious (?)

I've lined the yoke up to the pleats the way I have them, and I think it will work. I still don't think it is "right" though. Can you look at the pictures and tell me what you think I may be doing wrong?


Christina said...

It's not you, it is a drafting error - I vaguely remembered something about this from the Pattern Review message boards, and I just searched and found this:

It seems you solved the error on your own - bravo!

Nancy Winningham said...

Thanks, Christina. I've had "drafting problems" with hot patterns before. I just really like their styles; not so thrilled with their patterns. As it turned out, I ended up sewing the back in backwards, so now my inverted box pleat is a box pleat. Actually, I think it looks OK. This top is a lot more time consuming than I anticipated.

Linda said...

You could also look at it another way - that it is a drawing error. I am assuming that taking the box pleat made the lower back fit into the yoke and it is not too narrow now, unless you borrowed from the other pleats to make the center line. If the pattern is cut on the fold it would be impossible to get an uneven number of pleats unless you made it exactly like you did. I love this pattern, but I am concerned that the design is not suited for a large busted person. So I will have to admire it from afar.

Nancy Winningham said...

I keep hearing that, but I will be SOL if it is. (since I wear a 34 DD)We'll soon find out!