Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I need to find another job...

...that will pay me to stay home! Work really is cutting into my personal life LOL! Monday was night class (which I could, and may, do a lengthy rant about some day)and last night I had a parent conference at 6:00 and had to do my back to school night at 7 since I had laryngitis on the regularly scheduled night. I have so many projects I want to do, but can't seem to get to them. This is what's on my cutting table right now. Most recently, I purchased the fabric to make this coat for my daughter. She wanted a camel colored wool, and I actually found some at JoAnns and using a coupon got a great deal. I will only put on the fur collar if I can find something the right color that feels really good. This is from the November 2004 BWOF But, this will have to wait until the weather gets cooler because there is still a lot of warm weather clothes I want to finish. It will be hot here until at least mid-October, so I'd like to get going on these projects.

I just finished a shrug and dress for Grace from
McCAlls 5144, but have yet to get her picture in them. These are some shots of what I did though.

I actually bought the pattern to make a brown shrug for myself. But when I saw this nice black rayon/lycra knit at JoAnn's, I knew I had to make this for Grace. I made her's a small and it was way too big. So, eventhough my measurements should be a medium, I will make this for myself in a small. I have the fabric all ready to go (although I couldn't find the same fabric in brown as I did for Grace)and now just need a 20 minutes to cut it out! It will sew together really quickly.

Well, I am excited because I just received these in the mail.

I am going to make a muslin out of white muslin for the Stella McCartney inspired Artful Dodger blouse and hopefully I'll be able to wear it. If it works, then I'm going to make it out of this Anna Sui print that I got from Fabricmart some time back.

Last week I purchased a pretty mauve print silky and some eggplant satin-like fabric (for the yoke) to make this pattern. I want to make the short sleeved version, so I hope I can get this done first. I still have a few other tops I want to make as well, and I want to do them first because they usually are quick and easy.

AND, I still want to make this BWOF dress from March 2007


Elaray said...

I know what you mean about work cutting into sewing time. Since school started, I've hardly been in my sewing room at all! So not fair! I've been looking at the Hot Patterns Plain & Simple blouse for a long time. I have yet to try Hot Patterns. I can't wait to see yours.

renee said...

Warm until mid-October? It's 56 degrees this morning. That's what got me to abandon that 'last' summer dress. I figure by the end of the month I'll be in jackets.

I also agree on sewing time. I would happily take time off work just to sew. I don't know how people with children and husbands do it. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

HA! I am a SAHM, and you still accomplish more (sewingwise) than I do. I assume that Grace is your dd. Very cute outfit. Love the addition of the crystals. I was going to buy one of those "applicators" (or whatever they're called) shortly before Hancocks closed, but they sold out before I could make up my mind if I would actally use it. AND I'm not sure I'll be able to find the crystals. When I looked at JoAnns, they had crystals, but not the kind you can use with an applicator. I know exactly what you mean about the weather not changing 'till mid-October, probably more like end-of-October here (AZ) It's really starting get depressing here (we broke a record recently of most days 110 degrees or higher this year! - enough already) Love your jacket BTW!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Nancy - I guess this is the downside to having the summer of and being able to sew any time you want...sooner or later you have to go back to school! Hope you find enough time to get your projects completed!