Friday, July 27, 2007

Yay! I finished the white pants (and more-importantly,the stressful work-related issues) for the wardrobe contest. I can enter everything the way it is, but still want to try to finish the jacket before the deadline. I'm going to cut it out this morning, but then am going off to Three Rivers to help out my dad with some paperwork.

I like the way the pants came out, but I had to do some major adjusting. I had laid my grey shorts on top of the pattern to make sure that I had made them as I traced it, but noted that I neede to make the seam allowances only 3/8" in order to allow for my big hips! So, I made the pants, but only basted the side seams for fitting. Good thing! THis is stretch twill, so I needed to take in an additional 1/2" on each side seam and the CB seams. That's a total of 3"! I also made the darts bigger in the back and added stay tape to the yoke seam to eliminate any further stretching. I could still take them in a little bit. THe next time I make pants or shorts out of stretch twill, I will definitely cut them at least a size smaller.

Well, I spent some time this morning updating my online photo album for the swap. Heres the link to the progress album and another for the finished garments. I still have to take pictures of different combinations, and one picture of all garments together. I don't have photoshop or anything like that, so I will have to figure out a way to get all the garments into one shot. I'm waiting on that one since I'm still hoping to finish the jacket and a black knit top. I think I can do it.

My daughter suggested that I take the pictures in my closet. That would mean to take everything out and then have to put it all back in. Since I don't have double doors, I didn't even know if I could fit the picture in one frame. So I took a practice shot. Yes, I guess I do need to clean my closet.


Maureen said...

Let me know if I can help with the picture of all the garments Nancy; you could email me the seperate shots and I could put them all on one big one. I feel guilty about my inability to get you a copy of Photoshop so I NEED to help.

Bonnie O. said...

WOW! Nancy, your wardrobe turned out terrific! I think my favorite piece is the striped dress. It looks fabulous on you. Although I really love the white dress and jacket, too.