Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Computer Fatigue

What a busy week this has been! We got back from our vacation late on Friday night. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday dealing with "issues" of things that went on while we were gone (when the cats away...) Monday I started my tech fest class, which is basically sitting in front of a computer doing research from 8-4 every day. The first day wasn't too bad, but by about half way through the second day, I was sick of it. I could not work a job where I had to sit in front of a computer all day long. Monday and today, I went straight from class to physical therapy, so didn't get home until about 6. Monday night my brother called and asked if we wanted to go out to dinner. we have a new Tahoe Joe's that just opened, and they have the best steaks. I really didn't feel like going out, but my brother rarely wants to do something, so we said yes. I'm glad we did because we had a good time. We are also going there again tomorrow night with some friends of ours who just got back from an Alaskan cruise. I did get a little sewing done last night and this evening, and finished this skirt. I have a review at Pattern Review I've also been working on a blouse from the same fabric, but I'm not liking much of anything about it. I don't like the way I changed the neckline, I don't like that I left the vertical darts out in the front, and the sleeves are too tight. I tried doing some pintucks on the front of it, and I like that, but I think I will have to rip out the under arm sleeve seam and widen the sleeves a little. This fabric is hard to rip out stitches from, and black is so hard to see what you're doing anyway. I still don't know what I will do about the neckline. I will try to take pictures tomorrow and post them.

There's less than two weeks left on the SWAP -I mean Wardrobe contest - and the same for the "One pattern, multiple looks" contest. I hope I finish them both.


Bonnie O. said...

Skirt is adorable and I love the shoes!