Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm inching toward the finish line. I finished these gauchos last night from Simplicity 4237
I have made these as long pants twice before, but never been completely happy with them. I looked up my old review on PR and looked at all my notes. I decided to make a few alterations

First, I cut a 14, but added about 1/2" at each hip seam to accommodate my saddle bags. Then I lowered the crotch curve by 5/8 inch. I also shortened them quite a bit because I wanted them to be just below the knee. I also did Sandra Betzina's method of full thigh alteration by adding 1/2" to the front inseam only, tapering back to the regular size at the knee. This really helps eliminate the crotch "smile" or "whiskers" that I usually get with RTW.
I used pellon interfacing, which I normally hate, but I thought it would help with the yoke. I hope I don't regret it after I wash them.

Only one more pair of pants to make for the wardrobe contest. I was going to make BWOF 120 from 4//2007, but after all the problems Cidell had with them, I think I'll try them when I don't have a deadline. Instead, I will use the same pattern I used for the gray shorts (BWOF 103 7/2006) and just make them longer. I'm making these out of white stretch twill. (I think - it's been so long since I bought the fabric!) I've already done all the fit info on those, so that will make it quicker. I don't have to make the black jacket, but I really want to. I also would still like to make the shorts in black, but the gray ones will work for now.

Unfortunately, I have had a (not so small) crisis come up with my credential that is totally out of my control. Why is it we stress the most about things that we have no control over? Anyway, I may have to take a couple of days to get this all straightened out and not be sewing :-(. OH, yeah, and there is that small matter of chapter one of my thesis that must be turned in in four days....


renee said...

You know, I have a theory (unproven) that I *might* be one size smaller in BWOF pants than in dresses. I really should sit down and measure. Those pockets were so hard. Even on the second pair I had trouble. But, I think with your technical skills you could pull it off.

julia said...

"that small matter of chapter one of my thesis that must be turned in in four days...."

Good luck! Just over a year ago, I was in a similar boat. One stitch at a time, one step at a time, one word at a time. You're on the home stretch!