Thursday, July 25, 2013

Still waiting to move...

Well, the house is almost completely packed.  Well, it feels like that since my living room is stacked full of boxes and my kitchen is completely done.  (Except for one drawer of silverware)  The garage is even more packed with boxes than the living room!

We were supposed to close escrow yesterday, but still no news.  Waiting for the buyer's lender to release funds so that we can close on the Three Rivers property.  It's really coming down to the count.  We are scheduled to move next Friday and I have to be back to work on the following Monday!  That means that I will be in school most of next week getting my room ready.  I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything at school because all I can focus on is moving.

Here's what's left of my sewing room...

And this will be my new sewing room!  Unfortunately, there really aren't any walls in this room.  Every wall has either cabinets or windows.  The one wall that has a bit of space happens to have a water spigot near the bottom, so you can't put anything against that wall.  I may put my folding cutting table in front of that.
It looks kind of HUGE in the picture, and it is huge for a laundry room, but when I think of setting up a table and machines, I don't think it is actually as big as it looks in these pictures.  The cabinet you see in the back corner behind the exercise equipment will be my fabric cabinet.  It is actually smaller than the one I have now, but deeper.    The shelves arent very wide, but they are probably 24" deep, so I will have to find a way to fold my fabric differently to get it to fit and so that I can see everything.
Also, I am going to have to store the dog and cat food containers in here since leaving food outside attracts bears and raccoons.  There is a small closet on the back patio and I'm wondering if it would be safe to keep the dry food in there.  I will have to ask the neighbors what they think.  Any of you have experience with storing dry animal food in an area where bears sometimes visit?  They say they havent seen any this year, but usually do have bears come into their yards a couple of times during the summer.  Summer's not over yet and its been a really dry summer for us.  I won't be surprised to see some bears in August.

We have decided to paint the new house before we move in.  Who knew that painting was SO expensive!  It would have been cheaper for me to take two months off of work and do it myself!!  Still, I think I would be too afraid to paint the ceiling of a two story house!
We are painting the majority of the house the tan color with the cream colored ceilings and trim (trim now is bright white and baseboards are black.  Walls are currently a very light peachy-buff color.)  We are going to paint the master bedroom and bath the sea salt color, which is a light greenish blue - the color doesn't look right on my monitor.  The tan is also lighter than shown on my monitor.  Anyway, I'm hoping the painters will be done by the time we move in.  It's going to be a close call.

Since school is starting so soon, it is going to take me forever to unpack.  I wish I could stay home for another month and upack everything, set up my sewing room, and get to work sewing!  As I've said before, summer is usually my most productive sewing time and all I did this summer in that regard was to mend a quilt until I decided it was too far gone and will go to good will on the next trip.  


Unknown said...

If you get two of the ikea expedit cubbies, you could attach them to each other in the middle of the floor and the top could be a cutting table and the cubbies would be a long storage area.

Anonymous said...

hi, your shelves in the sewing room. Are those they type from the container store? I often think of installing those on my walls in my sewing room, but wonder how they would hold up with the weight of a couple of sewing machines and all the "stuff". I think it looks clean to have it all attached to the walls and off the floor. Which brand are those and how do you think it would handle the weight of several shelves with a lower "desk" area for sewing machine, serger, etc.? thanks, Sue V

Nancy Winningham said...

The shelves are Elfa from company store. I have been very happy with them. I used a computer keyboard pull out under my sewing machine and had trays in there for needles, feet, etc. It held up pretty well for the weight of my large machine. The shelves that were wider apart did bow a little from the weight of books, but i used the bottom portion for my sewing machine, serger and coverstitch. I loved them. Company store always puts all their Elfa on sale each January.