Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the LPD will be a LBD!

Yes, my little pink dress is going to have a twin sister - the LBD!  The fabric and lining are cut, and tonight I marked and pinned all the darts.  Especially since my alterations, the darts on this dress are not that easy to line up.  Imagine an elongated figure 8 with a curve!  Well, not quite a figure eight, but you get the idea.  Now, who knew that silk lining would be so hard to mark?  I used fine pins to mark the darts, gently pulled off the tissue, then marked them with a chalk wheel.  Well, that chalk just does not stick to the silk very well and I could hardly see the markings to pin them.  Of course, my poor eyesight and bad lighting in the dining room don't help much either!  Since there are only 3 days left in the LBD contest at PR, I'm pretty sure I won't finish in time, but I will finish, and I will have a LBD!
     I think I'm mostly excited about it because I wore the LPD to work today and got lots of compliments on it.  The dress was comfortable to wear too.  It was colder than I expected today, so I never did take off the jacket either.
     Tomorrow after work I hope to sew my dress, but I also have to go shopping and put together a basket for our "Harvest Carnival" at school.  It is our annual fundraiser, normally in the spring, changed to the fall this year, and on DH's birthday Friday.   :-(  I was looking forward to the school event until I realized it was the same day as Andy's birthday.  sigh