Thursday, November 22, 2012


This year I am thankful for so many things - but right now, I'm thankful that I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  Since my kids are going to their dad's house for Thanksgiving, we accepted an offer to go to my brother's future in-laws for dinner.  I'm baking pies, and since I just spilled half of the pumpkin filling on the bottom of my oven, I decided it was time for a break!!  It seems that my cooking is not going any better than my sewing lately.  Hmmm - may be that I'm not putting enough time into either one!!

I finished this Vogue dress, but am not happy with the results.  I was so excited about this dress too.  l made it from this linen/rayon blend and adjusted the fit before I lined it.  I thought it would be fine, but I'm still not happy with the way the upper chest fits.  I took in the princess seam to adjust for the extra fullness, but now I have a wrinkly seam.  The seam was perfect before, but there was too much fullness  in the upper chest area.  I think I need to lower the bust point, but am not sure how on this pattern.  I redrew the princess line, so I hope that does it.  I always use Sandra Betzina's FBA for princess seams, which I really like a lot.  Now if I could just get my bust line back up where it was in my 20s, I'd be in good shape!   SB FBA

OK, so the bust issue aside, I think the dress fits pretty well other than that.  I originally was making this to 'test" the pattern to make a black wool LBD.  I think I need to slope the shoulder a little more and lower the neckline.  I think the neckline looks higher on me than it does in the drawing.  Unfortunately, I cut up the pattern, which I never do, so I'm going to have to do some guessing on pattern lines.  I have enough fabric left over to make the jacket, so I'd like to do that.  Even though I've already lined the dress and under stitched the neckline, I may still lower it and the armholes a bit.  Pictures soon to come.