Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Colette Clover Pants

So, what is all the buzz about Colette Patterns? If you haven't tried them, I will give you an inside peek. In addition to the Colette Sewing Handbook that I talked about earlier, I also ordered 2 patterns. The Clover Pants and the Jasmine Blouse (both shown in this picture.)

Now, I don't have lovely legs like the model, but I do have to say that these pants fit me better straight out of the envelope than RTW. I made a straight size 6 with NO adjustments and got a great result. Now, this picture was taken after wearing them for several hours and going out to eat, but still... I can see that I have a little tweaking to do for the next pair, which I intend to cut out tomorrow!.

The pattern comes in a cute little booklet/folder. The instructions are very clear and separated into sections. For things that are not completely illustrated in the pattern, like how to install an invisible zipper, it refers you to a website tutorial. Of course, all of these techniques are also covered in the Colette Sewing Handbook.
You can order directly from Colette patterns, but if you are a PR member, you can order with a discount from PR, which is what I did! The only thing I don't like is that there is not a photo of the finished garment included with the pattern. I suppose you could print one from the internet easily enough, though.

I guess what I like the most about this pattern, other than the great fit, is that it was super easy to sew. (It would have been quick and easy, except that I sewed all 4 of the pocket pieces to the wrong side of the pants and waistband instead of the right side. So, I had to rip all of those out and do that over.) I like the wide yoke/waistband, and the side zipper. This pants pattern also has 2 cute little pockets that are hidden beneath the waistband.

Lately I've been into some narrower leg pants, although DD keeps telling me to quit wearing them! Granted, these are not the best camera shots, but I'm thrilled that I finally went out tonight and replaced the tripod that I've been missing so much since we got burglarized a few months ago. Now I can finally take pictures again and not have to wait until someone is here to do it!

I wanted to make a muslin for these pants, but did not have any "throw away" fabric that had stretch. So, instead, I checked the measurements and cut the pattern a size 6 which matched my measurements pretty closely. Then, I basted all the pieces together except facing and pockets, to check the fit. I tore out all the basting and then sewed them with a regular stitch. The patterns have 5/8 inch seam allowances, so I figured if I needed to add or subtract, I would be OK. Oh, BTW, the pattern says you need 2.25 yards of 60" fabric. Mine was only 52" wide, and I got by with less than 1-5/8 yard in my size. SOOO if you are buying fabric specifically for these pants, lay out the pattern pieces and see how much you really need.

I can see that on my next pair I will need to lengthen the back crotch seam by about 3/4" and perhaps decrease the inseam length to get rid of some of those under-butt wrinkles!

Oh, and when am I ever going to learn not to take my picture when I have a headache? Kinda scary!


Ruth said...

Good job. It's one of those patterns that you make over and over. Maybe DD wants a pair?

Mary said...

They look great!! Mine are coming along, but I have a lot of extra fabric on my back thighs(vertical drag lines). Maybe a smaller size on the back.

Sherril said...

I'm so jealous of your tiny little waist. Those pants loos so good on me that I think I'll have to skip this pattern. I definitely don't have your cute figure.

Pamela Ann said...

I am finally getting the courage to start mine but I have the Silouhette pattern too, ( both look great on you on PR!) Clover would be easy peasy for spring wear,,,but I need a dressy pattern also and have had NO luck fitting LH pants ):
Any advice?? ( I have a bit of a muffin top , had to gain 10 lbs post heart attack my weight was too low so now I see tons of imperfections,,,and need a new wardbrobe , gone are my 2's,,,forever and ever, not healthy for me) Ideas?? blessings to you

Nancy Winningham said...

Pamela, what I like about the clover pant is the wider yoke. This helps hold things in! Also, these are quick and easy to make with a side zipper. I will try the Sally pant again, but right now the clover is my favorite. I am also trying another pant pattern, McCalls 5941, again for the yoked top. This style seems to work better on me. Do watch the Peggy Sager's pants fitting video before you make either pair. I found it very helpful and enlightening. Thanks of reading my blog :-)