Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A mess!

Since I am doing this dress without a collar or ribbon trim, I decided I would do some machine embroidery on the front. I am taking the online class from Robin Stearn at Pattern Review and have already learned some great tips. I did a practice piece, and it came out perfectly

Unfortunately, when I did the real deal on my dress bodice this morning, my machine decided to throw a fit and mess it all up!!! Fortunately, I have one scrap barely big enough to recut the center front bodice piece and start over. If it messes up again, I'm sunk!

So, this dress may end up being the "wedding" dress after all. It is taking a little longer than I expected (too many interruptions and machine malfunctions), so I can't imagine that I will have time to make dress number two. Also, I could not get enough of the fabric I needed for dress #2, and when I went to Fresno today to see if they had any (their computers said they did) they did not. I have some creative ideas on how to "make it work", but of course, that will take additional time. I really wanted a black and white dress to wear to the wedding since the theme is black and white, but it looks like I'll be wearing peacock blue and black - if I finish this dress!


Summerset said...

Oh no! Not good at all! I hope you can get it done, because it is looking really lovely so far.