Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i-pod/pad/phone users enabler allert

Well, I was just browsing through bloglines this morning and on dress-a-day's post I read about an intriguing iphone ap. I clicked on the link and it directed me to this Threads review. So, being the tech junkie that I am, I headed straight for the apps store and picked up these two babies:
fabric stash
pattern pal
(sorry, I don't know how to link to these aps, but if you have itunes, open the apps link and then search for these two apps.)

These are both made by the same developer. I'm just downloading the, but they sound very good. I'll keep you posted!

The first day I was in San Diego I traveled all over looking for fabric stores. The first (and best) one I hit was yardage town. Nothing fancy but a great selection of fabrics. The prices were very good and I found a nice rayon acetate blend for a jacket and a tropical weight wool blend for pants. I am going back there again today.

The other fabric store I hit was in LaJolla named Jane's Fabrique. I was not impressed. They had a narrow selection of fabrics - or at least nothing that interested me. Fabrics were either $10-$15 a yard or $80-$90. Not much in between. There was a beautiful red tencel-rayon blend fabric with a wonderful drape. But there really wasn't anything I could think of that I would use it for. If it would have been in navy, ivory, or another good jacket color, I would have bought it for that, but there were only a couple of colors, none of which I was interested in.

Most of the other fabric stores that showed up on either my iphone or gps turned out to be either non existent or tailoring/alterations stores or sewing machine/vacuum stores.

Yesterday I tooled around downtown and the gaslamp district. Had a great lunch. Eventually I happened across the mall and went into Nordstroms. The salesgirl there was very friendly and helpful and I ended up buying 2 things there. By this time my feet were telling me "enough!" So I headed back to the parking garage - a good 6 city blocks and then back to the hotel.

Today I am headed back to yardage town just to look again with fresh eyes and see if anything else begs to be purchased! Also, I need to pick up some 2" wide elastic for this New Look pattern I picked up the other day.

This afternoon we are going to the zoo. I absolutely love to go to the zoo. I know the SD zoo really requires a couple of days to give it justice, but we only have this afternoon.

We are heading back to the valley tomorrow morning because Andy has a meetiing at 6. He is training for a triathalon for Team in Training which supports the leukemia and lymphma society. He is participating in honor of my dad who died almost 2 years ago (hard to believe it's been that long) of cancer. I'll be posting more about that later.

Hmmmm... I think someone wanted to go on the trip with us


Amy Bailes said...

I really like pattern pal. I decided against fabric stash. Have you heard about fabric u? It has about 100 fabrics (with pictures) - describes the fabric, what kind of projects the fabric is best used for, the type of needle that is needed and some other stuff. I love it!

BeckyMc said...

It there is any possiblility, go back to San Diego on Saturday for the National City Swap Meet. There are dozens of fabric vendors selling bolts of fabric from the LA garment district. For $1 a yard! I had a great haul, no idea how much fabric I bought but it is still keeping me happy!

Nancy Winningham said...

too bad I'm going to miss that! We're heading back home tomorrow (Thursday)

gail said...

glad you found a great fabric store in SD. we love zoo's too. now that we are near portland, OR we're going to visit that zoo this summer. might also visit the point defiance zoo in tacoma WA when we head up to visit family.

Jules said...

I'm so glad you posted these two apps. I've been looking for something exactly like fabric stash. I also had some $ in my iTunes account & was glad to use it up. Thanks again!!

MareeAlison said...

What is it about cats, they always want to get in on the act??? It sounds like you had a great trip.