Saturday, January 30, 2010

Uganda Update

I am starting to get very excited about the upcoming Uganda project. I just got off the phone with John, our facilitator, and am getting full of ideas.

We will be spending most of our time at the villages of Busanna and Kasana. We will be staying at a small "hotel" in a nearby town. We will bring the ladies to the hotel in the mornings to do sewing since there is electricity at the hotel (we will need for lights and irons and any electric machines we use) as well as covering in case it rains. It rains a lot in Uganda this time of year.
In the afternoons we will be going back out the the villages to meet with the women again and do "workshops" on Christian living.

Life is so difficult for these women. When I was there last year, I saw the women working all day long. Most (not all) of the men sat in the middle of the village and played games, gambled, and drank. The women take care of the children, prepare the food, do all the cleaning and washing, help other families, and put up with abuse. There seems to be a lot of domestic violence in the villages, and some of them even have thier own peace-keepers (kind of like police.)

We want to give these women as much encouragement as possible, and tools for dealing with whatever kinds of situations they have to live with. Most of all, we want to share the love of Jesus and give them hope.


Myra said...

Nancy, I am inheriting a ton of patterns from the local resale shop that is closing, they are giving them to me rather than throwing them out. Most are 80-90's styles, but there should be lots of basic skirts and tops in the lot. Would you want some of them? I thought about you and this project when I asked about them yesterday. I should pick them up when they are open next Friday. This way, you can have plenty for adjustments for each lady. The jackets may not apply but basic skirts never go out of style. Let me know, you can FB me.

Diana said...

God bless you. There is so much suffering out there and it's so good to know someone like you is doing something about it.