Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm so glad I finally got some sewing done! Actually, I had to take today off work so that I could go to the doctor, so I used some time this afternoon to finish up these aprons. They really are belated Christmas presents for my brother and his girlfriend. First I made the black apron for my brother. He is a big Beatles fan, so when I found this fabric several months ago, I bought some thinking I would make a pillow or something. Then I got the idea for an apron for Christmas.

I had a hard time finding something that I thought Margie would like, but when I was at the fabric store I found this fabric and remembered that she is a "horse person" so thought it would be perfect.

I made both of the aprons this afternoon, so I have not given them to them yet. I hope they will like them.

The pattern is an old OOP Simplicity pattern, but I really like it because it has a variety of apron styles in it. Now I want to make one for myself. But first, I really want to get started sewing for my SWAP.


Debbie Cook said...

Nice! I really need to make myself an apron, which I'm reminded of every holiday season when I'm in the kitchen for hours.

gwensews said...

I'm sure they will love their aprons, made with their special interests in mind. I love aprons. I made religious-themed aprons for a ocuple of people at Christmas, an the loved them.

Elaray said...

I hosted Christmas dinner in 2009. My cousin, who help with cooking scolded me for not having aprons. That scolding and your aprons have inspired me to make one or two. There really is no reason for someone who sews as much as I do to not have an apron!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Cute aprons! I know that they will LOVE them

Nishant said...

I made religious-themed aprons for a ocuple of people at Christmas, an the loved them

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Maureen said...

OMGoodness, I was just telling Steve that I needed to make a couple of aprons (or buy more clothes:).

Can I borrow the pattern?