Monday, March 09, 2009

Saf T Pockets Vest

I finished my skirt, well almost. I still need to sew on a hook and eye. Will get pix soon of that. Right now I am working on the vest. I knew this would not be "quick and easy" and here are the reasons why

  • It's reversible
  • there are LOTS of pockets
  • princess seams
  • collar
I am making View 1 with the shawl collar.
There were a lot of pattern pieces to this one, so in doing a FBA, I had to make adjustments on 2 front pieces and the facing. Actually, it is coming together more quickly than I expected and I am already finished with side one. Here are some of the inside details
This is a credit card pocket that will be hidden under the collar

These are inseam pockets that are in the princess seam on each front.

I have been really busy getting things ready for my trip. Last week I ordered all of the fabric. We will be making choir robes by their request. I ordered the fabric from I decided on a cotton/poly broadcloth because it will be lightweight, breathable, not wrinkle too badly and be washable. They're expecting us to make 20 robes in 10 days! We'll see how that works out, since there will only be 2 machines, and nobody has used these machines before, nor do they know how to sew! It will definitely be a challenge. Hopefully we can get a few done and they can do the rest on their own after I leave. I just don't think there is going to be that much time because I'm sure we won't be sewing from dawn until dusk!

I need to order all of the zippers today. I need separating zippers, but havn't decided whether to go with nylon, metal, or molded plastic. Any suggestions? I have never made a choir robe before and I've never used a separating zipper before.

Well, I guess I better get ready for work. I don't think I'll get any sewing time today since I have bible study tonight. Maybe tomorrow..


gwensews said...

The trip and making all those robes will be quite an undertaking. Quite an experience also.

I would opt for nylon zips, thinking the metal zippers may be a bit heavy.

Good luck in your adventure.

Birgitte said...

The vest is coming along nicely. Twenty robes will be quite an undertaking, but like you said, if you get a few done while they watch, learn and do, they can make the rest after you leave. Have you made a sample robe? If you do, you can plan the process, write the order of construction, and that can be left for them to use later.

Daisy said...

I thhink it's wonderful that you are going to teach some women the wonderful and useful skill of sewing. For the robes, I think nylon zippers will withstand weather and use better than metal zippers.

Summerset said...

I agree - a test robe, if you can manage the time, will certainly help so that you know exactly what you're doing and where the pitfalls may be for inexperienced and new sewers.

Mariela Alethia said...

That is a good looking vest

Cennetta said...

Nice progress on the vest. These days I'm more incline to sew garments with for pieces for the interesting style lines and better fitting options. You certainly have your work cut out for you with sewing the robes. I will be interesting to know how the project turns out. Best of luck. I'm sure you do very well.

Susan said...

That will be really nice once completed.