Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Pants

From Pants 2009
Well, here is trial number one with the pants. Although not perfect, they certainly are wearable. I think the crotch is a little low and have marked the pattern to raise it next time. After all that raising and lowering I did on the pattern, I ended up taking out everything I added in. Also, since wool crepe is a bit stretchy, I ended up taking and additional 1/2 inch off the side seams all the way down. Wool fits so much better than tissue paper!

Even though I must have tried these pants on ten times while making them, there are some things that you just don't see until the waistband is attached and you take pictures.
These are the changes I will need to make for next time:
  1. increase front inseam even more to accomodate large thighs
  2. raise the crotch seam
  3. decrease the back inseam to reduce bagginess under the butt
  4. adjust the back crotch curve. It seems to be tight across the fullest part of my butt

From Pants 2009

From Pants 2009

One thing I did a little differently was on the zipper. The seam allowance looked like it was going to really fray there, and since I had not serged that s.a. before putting in the zipper, I decided to bind the seams with Seams Great. I have never been thrilled with this product, since I always expect it to be easier to use than it is. Maybe you just get better with it the more you use it. YOu can see that the second side (the right) looks better than the first.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

They are looking good so far and I'm sure that once you've corrected your issues with these that they will be a fantastic pants pattern.

Linda said...

I like seeing your progression with the pants. You will definite have a nice pair of pants as you try out what you think are the fitting issues.

Summerset said...

Not bad at all! These are nice and with a few little tweaks, I think you'll have a good TNT pants pattern.

Anonymous said...

I would take those pants to the cleaners and let them press a crease in. I like this neutral color. You can wear lots of different tops and jackets with these.

Alana said...

They look great. You seem to be on your way to a very useful TNT pants pattern.

Vicki said...

Good work. You are getting there. I like how they say in the book that after you have done one pair to then go ahead and do 5 more (or something like that). Well I have yet to make that one pair. Maybe this year....

Violet said...

Isn't pants-fitting a pain in the bum? If it weren't for that, they'd be fairly easy to sew, wouldn't they?