Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thank you

Thank you Marji, Liana, and Sigrid, for nominating me for the excellent blog award. I've noticed this award on some of my favorite blogs in the last day or so, so I'm going to try to nominate those I have not seen with the award yet. First of all, I have two I would like to nominate who, although they do not have "blogs", they use their photo sites like blogs.
First is Johanna, who has been making some amazing clothes for her swap. She always has some artistic or unexpected element in all of her garments.
Next is Miriam, known as Hawkemorningstar on PR. She always makes beautiful and feminine clothes. I really enjoyed meeting her at PR weekend LA.
Next, I'd like to nominate Robin Denning. She does a lot of sewing and is and ecouragement and inspiration.

I have a few more to nominate, but that will wait for another post - well, except for one more.

I'm excited because I finally finished my SWAP and this morning Maureen, a dear friend and fabulous photographer, came over and took tons of pictures for the swap. We'll be working on them this week, so I'll be posting as I get some. We had a good time taking the pictures. I'm nominating her blog for several reasons. Although she doesn't post sewing, she is a witty writer and is passionate about all that she does. She has many interests and I check her blog almost daily.


a little sewing said...

Nancy, congratulations on finishing your SWAP! and thank you for nominating me for the excellent blog award. I am looking forward to seeing your photos!

Johanna Lu said...

Nancy, thank you for nominating me for the blog award. I am super flattered! I too am really looking forward to see your complete wardrobe. You've done great stuff, that looks really chic and classy and also very wearable.

Alexandra said...

Congratulations on the award!