Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BWOF 10-07-121

Finally, finally, finally, got the muslin to fit. Here is the first set of alterations I did. Where I messed up though was I should have increased the width before increasing the length. So, once I made a muslin with these pieces, I still went back and added 1/2 inch to the side seam of the front only and sewed the princess seam with a 3/8 inch seam. It looks to big on the dress form, but hopefully after I put in the lining and wear it over clothes, it will be just right.

I hate making muslins, but I spent a lot of time on this one because I really want this jacket to be comfortable. I found that the sleeves are a little snug, so I slit the sleeve down the middle and widened it by 1/2" This made the dart quite large and I wasn't sure if that would look right, so I made a horizonatal slit from side seam to side seam, but left the seam line "hinged". I slid the cap down toward the sleeve until the dart ended up in the original position. I sure hope this works because I did NOT make a muslin of this alteration. I may end up with a sleeveless jacket!

This fabric has a lot more give than the fabric I used for the muslin, so that has made it easier to sew. Princess seams are always a pain, but it really helps if you staystitch the concave curve and clip it before you sew. then, after the seam is sewn, I notch the covex curve to make pressing easier and the seam lie flatter. This fabric reminds me of some moleskin I used last year to make a jacket. I wear the death out of this thing, even though there are some things wrong with it. That jacket is just right for a cool (but not cold) day, so I decided not to underline this one - probably because I just didn't want to do it, but the other reason sounds so much nicer!

I also went to the Goodwill and picked up a couple of belts for $1.00 each. I looked at the fabric store for belt buckles and didn't see anything I thought would even work, so I decided to find a belt and take the buckle off. My buckle is nothing spectacular, but it's just about right for this jacket. I know some people were asking about how to buckle the belt since it is sewn onto the jacket. Actually, it's only sewn on as far as the princess seam, and everything in front of that is free. I need to go buy some eyelets, which means I will probably have to buy a tool, as well. I do have one eyelet tool, but it is for extra large eyelets. I used it on this purse for one of my daughter's friends last year.

I'm not sure what has happened, but it appears that poor Myrtle has had a mishap. I suppose she needs to see a chiropractor, because she is all bent out of shape! This is a very old dress from that I bought on ebay (back in the day when I liked PayPal) If you have ever tried to adjust one of these kind of dress forms, you know it is almost an exercise in futility. I originally spent numerous hours just getting the measurements right, but I've never gotten the posture exactly right. But this??? She must have had a fall that no one is willing to tell me about. Yes, I do have a sway back, but my butt does not stick out 6" behind my shoulders!!

PAYPAL issue is still unresolved. After I spoke with the last agent, and faxed in yet another document, I received another email the next day asking for more documentation - tracking numbers, which I have already sent- TWICE
I really wanted to avoid going to an attorney, but this is just way out of hand.