Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pattern alterations

Well, I figure I better blog this before I forget what I've done! Grace came home and I had her try on the dress. It is WAY too big. According to her measurements, she should have been a 12, so that's what I cut out. I ended up taking one full inch from each side seam tapering down to 1/2 inch at the waist. Also, I had lengthened the bodice by about 5/8 inch, but did not need to do that, so I had to alter that too. I also took 8 inches off the length. Of course, she's not available for any pin fitting, so I hope it all fits. If not, I'm throwing it away and not making anything else for her. It's not that she's hard to fit, it's just that she's not that cooperative. It took me three days to get her measurements so I could make the pattern, and then she wouldn't let me take them in her underwear. sheezh... Part of the fit problems are that the rayon is stretching out of shape. I will let it hang overnight before I hem it.


Anonymous said...

How old is dd?
I made "almost 16 yo" dd a dress for Christmas, and even though it's kinda dressy (black and lacey) I fully expected her to wear it more than for Christmas mass! Actually I was thinking she could wear it for winter formal, but NO! It wasn't revealing (re: sexy) enough I guess! Obviously she has the opposite problem your dd has! Now, I'm wanting to make Easter dresses for ALL three of my dds, they're 10, 16(almost) and 19, as well as myself. Should I put myself thru it I ask? It was bad enough at Christmas getting two garments made for the younger two -- never did get MY Christmas outfit done-- up 'till all hours the last two nights before Xmas!!

Nancy Winningham said...

My daughter is VERY picky about her clothes. I only make her something when SHE picks out the pattern and fabric. Whateve you do, DON'T make the patterns matching or in the same fabric - they will HATE that. This time, make yours first!

Elaray said...

I had the same experience with a Simplicity pattern! My DD matched the measurements for a size 12 almost exactly -- her hips were 1 inch bigger. When I tried a muslin on her it was HUGE! I've never like Simplicity patterns. Now I remember why!