Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welt pockets

This weekend I learned how to make a welt pocket. Thank goodness I did some practice ones first! The first one was a mess and I couldn’t get it to turn properly. I decided to make another practice in plain cotton fabric so that I could see everything better and not have to deal with the bulk issue. That was it - I finally got it. I’m very pleased with how the pockets turned out on my two front pieces.

I also had an incredible disaster happen with my machine. I was stitching along and all of a sudden my machine started getting sluggish and then froze. I noticed a little piece of thread in the handwheel and started pulling it out carefully. Pretty soon I had a handful of thread, but it broke. There was an extra spool of thread on top of the machine, and apparently it had gotten caught in the wheel and started wrapping around it as I sewed. I ended up having to take the side and top off of my machine and found that there was almost an entire spool of thread wound around the wheel. It definitely took some doing to get all of tht thread out!