Saturday, January 13, 2007

The making of a coat

Living in central California, you rarely need a super warm coat, but the days you need one, you really need one! I've decided to make a coat from Fashion Sewing Group's pattern 1963. (It's the picture in the upper right hand corner on this link) . I bought a beautiful wool from Fabricmartfabrics . I had also seen the same fabric at Saywer Brook for $39.95 a yard and I payed less than 20! I have never made a coat, and never worked with doublecloth, so Im sure I'm in for some challenges! Last weekend I traced the pattern and cut out out wool this week. Last night I fused all the interfacings. Welt pockets will be new to me, and I haven't figured out what I will do about the button holes. My machine is very old and does not make beautiful buttonholes. I guess I will either make bound buttonholes or hand=work them; I've never attempted either! It's very cold outside today (in the 20's) so I'm hoping I can actually start on my coat!