Monday, August 28, 2006

Sewing Along

Well, I just finished a pair of pants the other night - but I really don't like them too much. They fit well, but even after taking out some of the fullness in the legs, they are still pretty baggy.
I have cut out a Textile Studio pattern for "Madison Avenue Dress" and can probably finish it today. I am going to try and make a duffle bag for Grace so she can carry all her diving stuff or whatever she needs. I went to Joanns today and bought the material. I really dislike that store. The sevice is terrible and the sales people are not very knowledgable. The lady that was helping me today was griping the whole time because she couldn't find something and when I asked her where the seam binding was, she didn't even know what it was. They don't carry it either. geez... Anyway, I got a little extra of the fabric for the duffle and I'm going to make a purse. I also got some brocade that I want to use for a collar for a jacket. I'm going to use the linen from my FM bundle to make a dress and jacket. The dress is a Vogue pattern for a straight fitted dress with boning in the bodice front. Here is a picture of the jacket. I am making the one with the contrasting collar. I hope I can keep going since I'm going back to school on Monday - well, Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.