Thursday, August 24, 2006

Giant Fabric Purchase

I am so excited about my order that I received this week from They have all kinds of specials and bundles. I spent $90.00 (yikes!) including shipping and I cannot believe all that I got. It all started with a Burda Magazine (July 2006) I saw some beautiful patterns and decided I wanted to try a dress. I've never sewn a Burda WOF pattern. Since I can't get up and drive to the fabric store (which is woefully short of dressmaker fabric here) I decided to look online. I read several good reviews on PR for fabricmart and
I ended up getting an orange and white stripe broadcloth for the dress, brown ultrasuede for a pencil skirt, and a beautiful aqua stripe silk for a blouse. The Ultrasuede was the most expensive at $30.00 for 2 yards. The silk was $7.99 (buy one get one free) and the dress material was a bargain at $13.50 for 3 yards!
After ordering this, I decided totry some rayon fabric. They had a rayon bundle for $25.00 which included 4 cuts (their choice) of Jones New York sheer and semi sheer for a total of 12 yards of 60" fabric. The fabrics are beautiful, and when I measured them, I actually got a little over 13 yards. Planning some dresses, skirts and blouses out of these.
Because my order was over $20.00, I received a free mystery bundle.
This is a 10 yard total with a value over $100.00. This is for first time customers only. I love the fabrics I received (except the blue, which I have no idea what to do with.) The only problem is that there is no telling what the fabric content or care is on these. I have cut 4" swatches of each fabric to prewash and test for garment care. I especially like the gray colored waffle weave. It has a really nice drape to it. The blue is kind of a stretch twill, and I have no idea what to do with that. There is a total of over 13 yards in this package and most of it is 58" wide.

Finally, I got the Super Bundle Deal!
12 Total Yards
Four 3 yard cuts
Will consist of
Random picks of the
following fabrics
3 yards of Silk
3 yards of Rayon Print
3 yards of Polyester /
Triacetate Black
3 yards of Suitings
Over $125.00 retail value - All 12 yards FREE With $80.00 order (I also ordered 2 spools of thread.
The picture does not show how beautiful these fabrics are. I actually ended up with close to 15 yards on these fabrics, and they are all over 50" wide as well.
I certainly have plenty to work on now. Even if I only use a few of these pieces of fabrics, I will have gotten my money's worth!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you did get some cool fabric. I haven't ordered from them yet but I keep going to the site over and over and thinking about getting a few bundles, including the first timer one. One of these days I'll do it.

Linda L said...

Great fabrics! You hit the jackpot.