Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring 6 Pac

It's time to start sewing for spring, and this means I need to have a plan.  I've decided to follow the guidelines on the SG site for the Spring 6 pac.  Here is the outline:

  • one jacket or cardigan in a neutral colour
  • a second jacket or cardigan in a second neutral or a colour
  • a skirt or pants in the same neutral as 1
  • a skirt or pants in a second neutral
  • a top in a print mixing neutrals or neutral and colour
  • a top in a neutral or your colour
I've decided to use olive and a copper/mocha/tan for the neutral color (both are kinda neutral)  I'll have to draw up a plan later, but yesterday I decided to start with the Loes Hinse Oxford pants. Years ago these were one of my favorites, so I decided to resurrect the pattern.  I'm using a burgundy and gold herringbone, which looks copperish blended together.

I love the way the pockets are constructed on these pants.

The legs are constructed by sewing the side seams first and then top stitching them (kind of like jeans.)  Then you sew the inseam and put the pants together.  All I have left to do tonight is to put in the elastic and hem them.  Of course, I think I will have to cut about 4 inches off the bottom before I do.  The pants are long enough to cuff, but this rayon fabric has been "growing" and will hang overnight before I put in the final hem.


Linda T said...

I've never done a swap; I seldom wear jackets. Seeing what you make will be fun.