Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emergency Sewing

I've actually been working on a pair of pants this weekend and have finished them except for the hem.  They are Loes Hinse Cruise pant.  It's an old pattern, but I like the narrower leg, but wanted something with an elastic waist for those days that I just want to be super comfortable.  I always wear longer tops, so you can't really tell what the waist is anyway.  So many fashion sites say you should NEVER wear elastic waist pants.  Why?  Granted, they arent going to give you that great butt like a good pair of jeans, but I'm not wearing jeans to work - and I'm not too worried about how great my butt looks with a class full of fourth graders!

I get to play the doting grandma every Wednesday night and every other Sunday afternoon.  Little Emma spends the night at my house on these days and we usually have a great time.  So, today I pick up Emma from her dad's house, and thankfully I asked him if there were any diapers in the bag.  There weren't.  So at least I snagged those before I left town.  Unfortunately, I neglected to check the clothing situation and not only was there not a change of clothes, but no pjs either.  Now, where I live now is a place that begs children to get in the dirt - and that's exactly what my granddaughter  loves to do.  So, I'm thinking, what is this poor child going to sleep in?  Thankfully, I had Simplicity 1567 on hand from the Halloween costume.
I took the long sleeved T and lengthened it for a night shirt.  This was fast and dirty sewing.  I found a piece of knit in my scrap tub and it was just enough.  The whole thing is serged, and I didn't hem anything.  I did add a neckband because I was afraid the neck would stretch out of shape.  It was faster to make the neckband than to turn under and stitch.  
Well, it's not the best made thing, but it took less than an hour and it serves the purpose.  It's moments like these that I'm really glad I can sew and basically make something out of nothing!  And, I think this is a great pattern that can make a lot of things.  Emmas wearing a 2 now and this goes from 1/2 to 4.  


Mrs K said...

Great save and so cute!