Saturday, March 30, 2013

TGI Spring

I have neglected my blog this school year.  I changed schools, and although this was the best thing, it has also been a BIG change and a LOT of extra work.  I come home and collapse.  So, very little sewing has been done.

I have been enjoying crocheting and knitting lately though.  At least when I’m doing one of these, I can be in the same room with everyone else, and it travels so much more easily!  In January, Andy and I took a trip up to Waksachi Village and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I got a good leg up on my Tunisian shawl that I was learning how to do through a Craftsy class.  I love this shawl and wear it a lot.

 I really enjoyed taking the Tunisian class from Jennifer Hansen on Craftsy.  She was a great teacher and I would like to take her broomstick lace class also.  I have bought a couple of books and patterns from her website, and am currently working on the Card-shawl.  There is a crochet version, but I am doing the knit one.  Since I am relatively new to knitting, and re-teaching myself in the Continental method, this will be a LONG ongoing project!  I have to keep interjecting short term projects to satisfy my need for instant gratification!
Like this little hat :-)

I'm loving doing Tunisian crochet, so I also got the Stitch Diva Anais jacket pattern and made this.  I love the yarn that I used, but it was not as bulky as the pattern called for, so it's a little more like a cardigan than a jacket.

Earlier this month, I made a crocheted top for my daughter.    This top (Galena) is a Doris Chan pattern.  I have her book Everyday Crochet and it has some great patterns in it. She is so picky about everything, I didn’t know if she would even like it.  As soon as I finished it, she wanted to wear it that night, so that was a plus for me :-)

 The think I like about crochet is that it is faster than knitting and more interesting (for me).  I also like the look of crochet for most things.  What I don't like about crochet is that it takes much more yarn than knitting does!  I also like the look of stockinet stitch in knitting, so I'm working on improving my knitting skills.

Well, I’m excited to be going to PR weekend this year.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it, but things turned out to make it work.  I’m excited about meeting a new friend as I am rooming with Popo from PR.  I have only talked to her on the phone one time, but it seems like we will get along great. 

Now, I guess that means I better get busy sewing something to wear that weekend!  I'm hoping to cut out a pair of knit pants and a top today.  I have a great pattern for knit pants from Sandra Betzina.  I'm not sure what top I will use until I measure the piece of fabric that I have.  Guess I better get off the computer and work on my bible study so I can get to that sewing!


Mary said...

Nice to see you Nancy! I love the crochet you have done. The pants pattern you mentioned is one of my faves too.

Mrs K said...

Your shawl is very pretty, I'll have to check out the class. And the top for your daughter looks so nice on her. Good luck with the new school. Happy Easter.