Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Eggs and Dresses

Well, my Easter dress did not get finished, but little Miss Emma's did! I used the same pattern as for her last dress (M5791), but omitted the hem band and sleeves. I also left off the tie in the back. Although I love the look of the tie, I can't imagine that it is very comfortable to have that knot in the middle of your back when your sitting in a car seat or booster chair. Instead, this one has a purple ribbon for trim, and that's it. Grace picked out the fabric, and she loved the dress. I think Emma loved it too since she grabbed it and played with it a lot. Of course, she Christened the dress by spitting up all over it, but that's what babies do!

This was little Emma's first trip to church, and she had to make a big impression by fussing and crying the whole time she was there. Oh well.
All in all, it was a great day, albeit that last day of my vacation and sewing time.

Here's some more info on Emma's dress. The dress is lined, and this time I lined the whole dress and not just the bodice. Unfortunately, I miscalculated the length of the lining and cut it too short. I ended up making a narrower hem and adding lace to the lining to help lengthen it, but I still wish it would have been about another inch longer.

For the leg and waist elastic, I did it differently this time. Instead of using seam binding and encasing the elastic, I served it to the leg and waist edge, turned it under, and stitched. This saved quite a bit of time on the panties.

Here she is showing off her panties!


Summerset said...

She's totally adorable and the Easter dress turned out just great!

Tee said...

Adorable! She and the dress are beautiful. Love the spring colors of the dress!

gwensews said...

What an adorable baby. And an equally adorable little dress. What fun!

Mens Suits said...

Super duper cute dress! I want to see my daughter wearing that dress.

Kimberly said...

I LOVE this tutti frutti fabric. I forced my MIL to make my girls dresses out this fabric because I loved it so much. I think your little one looks adorable.

SueC56 said...

Too cute! Tell Grace I love that fabric. Thanks for the tips/shortcuts.


SueC56 said...

Too cute! Tell Grace I love that fabric. Thanks for the tips/shortcuts.