Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Little Stripping

I've been wanting to sew for the last few days. And I can. I can sit in a chair and sew. I can stand at the ironing board if I'm careful. But, I keep walking into the sewing room, pulling out fabric and patterns, and then walking out. I've been feeling uninspired. I keep having ideas of what I want to do, but then, I can't seem to find exactly what I want to do it. I do think I have fabric and pattern picked out for a Vogue knit dress, but I don't want to cut it out. What to do?

Well, I decided I would work on the quilt I cut out over a year ago for my daughter and haven't worked on in about that long. Yesterday I started finishing the strips and today I finished the strips and am working on cutting them into squares. My 1/4 inch seam is never perfect, even though I've tried a couple of 1/4" feet. I think I let the fabric get to close to the guide, so my seams are a little wide. I tried moving the needle over farther, but I don't want it so close to the presser foot that it hits it! I just need to keep practicing.

I hope to finish cutting the squares today. I need to get more fabric for the side triangles, but I can probably start sewing the rows together and add the side triangles at the end. Who knows, maybe I will actually finish this before Christmas :-)

From Grace's Quilt


Just Barb said...

How pretty! The combination of colors and patterns really caught my eye!

Little Hunting Creek said...

I work on quilts when I have inspiration deficit too. Those colors are beautiful!

Donna W said...

Love those colors for a quilt. Hope you are soon up and able to move around.