Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loes Hinse Cruise Pants

OK, this is a cruddy, frumpy picture, but let's focus on the pants.

These were quick and easy to make. I bought this pattern at the same time as I got the Oxford Pants pattern. The two are basically the same except for the width of the legs. Both patterns have

  1. the "Hollywood waist" style elasticized waist
  2. in seam pockets
  3. edge stitching on the side seams which make the pants legs hang nicely
  4. darts in the back
  5. easy and simple instructions
I love that these are so quick and easy to make, and are comfortable to wear.

I made these out of a navy blue linen/rayon blend. I intend to wear these on my trip to Uganda. 30 hours in flight - I will need COMFORTABLE pants.

I actually made these pants for spring and summer, so I will be wearing them with sandals. I wore them this evening to "test drive" them, but it's a bit cold here for sandals right now!

(Last year I wore another pair of navy pants on the flight. I had made them from a Marcy Tilton pattern. The elastic was in a casing, and wouldn't you know, my elastic broke on the plane! Now those pants were SUPER full and there was NO WAY that they would stay up without some immediate repair. Fortunately for me, one of the flight attendants had a large safety pin. Lesson learned: never go ANYWHERE in elastic waist pants unless you have a safety pin in your purse!!)

Interesting side note - when I looked back at the pictures of these pants, I noticed that I had a migraine the day I took those pictures. (If you want to see proof, take a look at this picture and look at my face.) Interestingly enough, I also have a migraine in today's pictures. Fortunately, not as bad as the one in the prior pictures!

The elastic in these pants is stitched all the way around, so even if the elastic did break, they would only loosen up a very little bit.

Next up will be another skirt. I will be wearing nothing but skirts in Uganda. The main reason is that that is what the women there wear. Another reason is that they are cooler than pants. Of course, the most important reason is that out in the villages they only have "squatty potties" Much easier to manage in a skirt!


gwensews said...

Comfort is the name of the game when traveling. Your pants fit the bill.

Adelaide said...

They look very comfortable. I think I need me a pair.

Sherril said...

I've been missing you. Are you getting ready for your next trip?

Lynn said...

You should be getting back sometime today. Hope things went well.

dany said...

ok thanks