Wednesday, January 17, 2007

coat collar

I finished the collar and facings tonight. Thank goodness for my tailors board for all of that pressing! The collar was pretty scarey because none of the notches lined up for me. I don't think I changed the neckline any, so I'm not sure why they didn't line up, but I think it all went on OK. I've never sewn a collar like this before, but it worked well. First I attached the under collar to the coat and then sewed the front facings on. The facings are sewn to exactly the place where the collar joins the coat. THen the back facing is sewn to the front facing. Next, the back facing and left over parts of the front facing are sewn to the upper collar. Finally, the inside of the two collar pieces are sewn together with long loose stitches by hand. I didn't know until it was all together if it would line up right, but it looks fine to me. Next, the sleeves!