Monday, October 15, 2007

Warning! Warning! Warning!

You always here about these stories and think, "oh, I'm sure they did something to make this happen"
Well. let me tell you that PAYPAL, which I have loved and used without a second thought, has caused me an undue amount of grief and is costing me over $1,000.

About a month ago, my son decided to sell some iphones over seas. He sold a few phones and there was no problem. Then someone wanted to buy about $3,000 worth of phones. My son decided not to sell the phones and returned the buyer's money. My son was using my paypal account since there was a problem with his

That should have been the first red flag to me. They keep telling him that his social security number isn't right, even though I personally faxed a copy of the SScard to them twice.

Paypal has now locked my account and there is over $1,000 in the account.They have requested tons of information from me (drivers licence, utility bills, tracking information, sales receipts, proof of phone number etc) and the more I provide them, the more emails I get saying that they need more information. I started doing some research online, only to find that I am not alone. Apparently this is happening to thousands of people and it looks like I will never see this money. There has already been one class action suit against Paypal that has been settled.

Saying that "Paypal Sucks" barely touches the surface

I'm giving them one last chance to resolve this as I spoke to yet another agent this evening. I will let you know what happens...


Sharon said...

Oh no, that's sounds terrible! I hadn't heard of the class action suit against paypal. I only have done small transactions using Paypal, but I will take your warning to heart. I hope all turns out well for you and please post updates.

Elaray said...

How awful! When I read you faxed them your SS#, I became worried for you. I hope this works out in your favor.

Maureen said...

Oh My GOSH Nancy!!! How awful for you...and I thought my Paypal issues were bad. The only advice I can give you is to keep after them, which I'm sure you are. I wrote emails to them every day for weeks...and the most frustrating thing is that EVERY answer I got from them had a different person's name on it. I never communicated with the same person twice. Mine was a much smaller dispute but they finally caved and I got my money.

I'll be praying for guys!

Maureen said...

And a big P.S. to anyone who uses PayPal, always SAVE everything connected with a sale or a purchase...everything. And always get and KEEP the tracking number for anything you ship. Even if the person has confirmed recieving the item, hold on to the receipts...for at least a couple months. Trust Me!

julia said...

Wow - I had no idea that PayPal could be so problematic. Thanks for the warning - good luck with this!

Sigrid said...

Thanks for the warning Nancy. I do use it sometimes, but will be extra carefull from now on.

Marji said...

oh Nancy, I feel your pain. I got caught in one of the fraud scams perpetrated through Paypal last Spring, and ended up losing just over $100 - but that was due to my bank refusing to refund overdraft charges caused by paypal. I ended up closing the bank account, and going back to an unfunded unverified member of paypal because I won't connect with them through a bank account again.
Yours is so much worse.
I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you get some resolution.

Auction Essistance said...

PayPal has a notorius reputation for limiting accounts. This is why tons of sellers are leaving them and moving to other processors.

Only downside is that so many buyers use PayPal and only trust them. So by not accepting them, you might end up losing a sale.