Sunday, December 11, 2011

Better fitting Biarritz

I was not happy with the jacket I made, so it was either scrap it or fix it. I decided to fix it. I took in each of the side seams 3/8", took a 1/2" tuck (total 1") at the center back, and narrowed the sleeves by 3/8" each. These seemingly simple changes involved a lot of work. I had to

  • remove, alter, and replace part of the collar
  • remove the lower half of the sleeves from the armsye
  • take in the shoulder and all of armscye by 3/8 inch
  • take tuck at center back
  • re hem sleeves and bottom of the jacket.
Of course, all of the seams around the collar were stitched, under stitched, served and top stitched. This was A LOT of stitching removed. I also cut my fabric by mistake in a couple of places. This was the wrong fabric to have to do all that to! Anyway, I'm glad it's done because I am in desperate need of clothes right now.
After shopping for pants and tops the last couple of days and buying nothing, it reinforced why I sew!!! If pants fit me in the legs, they are too big in the waist. If the top fit's in the bust, the shoulders are falling off. I guess I better quit shopping and get back to more sewing!

Speaking of which, I finally finished the Hot Patterns Scarf shirt. I had worked on it a few weeks ago and then lost a piece. Never did find it. I ended up cutting up the scarf to remake the front, but then didn't know what to do with the scarf. Now my scarf shirt has a contrast scarf and cuffs, and I really like it!


Linda T said...

A beautiful save on the jacket. I do like it much better with the closer fit. but wow, lots of work (I'd have probably thrown up my hands and given up!) The blouse looks great with the contrast tie. And congrats on your recent weight loss!

ReadyThreadSew said...

If you don't already have one, then one of those magnifying daylight lamps are amazing. I recently bought one after admitting that my over-40, varifocal wearing eyes simply cannot see to unpick sewing. I originally bought the lamp for just the daylight bulb, but the magnifying part of it has been a revelation. If I sew with, say, a perfectly matching red thread on red fabric I simply cannot see the thread to unpick, with or without my glasses. If I put it under the daylight lamp using the magnifier it's as though I had used black thread on a white background (somewhat exaggerated, but you get my drift). No more cutting into the fabric - just cutting the threads.

The jacket looks much better now it's more fitted - it looked just too big all over in the original post. Love the shirt, the fabric looks gorgeous with the contrast tie and cuffs.

LauraM said...

Really like the save to the shirt, the contrast makes the shirt really pop. And all I can think of is all the commitment you went through to fix the jacket! The jacket looks great by the way!

Ruthie said...

Absolutely love the scarf blouse!

Anonymous said...

Two examples of great saves! Both the jacket and the shirt look great on you.

Mary said...

The first picture made me catch my breath-it is gorgeous. I then saw it was the jacket you featured awhile back. Great save. I love both of these pieces, and am happy you shared with us.

Summerset said...

Wow, you did a great job on that jacket. It is way more shapely and fits you beautifully now!

HeathersSphere said...

The jacket and blouse are stunning!