Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Love a Storm

Well, I didn't take this picture, but that's what it looks like at my house tonight!

I did get a little sewing done today and finished my Simplicity blouse. I've made this before, but this time I used totally different fabric and used different sleeves. I have a blouse that has satin trim binding at the neck and I liked that look. Also, I thought this fabric would make me look too washed out without a little contrast, so I made the yoke out of lining fabric and cut bias strips to bind the sleeve hems. I really like the way it turned out and it's pretty comfortable. This would probably make a good pajama top!

I have way too much school work to do, but I'd really rather be sewing something. I am so excited; Cidell is sending me something in the mail. shhhhhh - it's a secret :-)

So, the picture below was taken a couple of hours ago. Now it's raining with thunder and lightning!


Enid said...

We have had rain twice this week...rained all day yesterday.. looks like more today. Love it!

Your blouse looks real comfortable..and you look happy wearing it!

Enid,in rainy Northern California

Nancy W. said...

Enid - do you have a blog? I'd love to see it if you do. - and are you one of the Enids on PR?

Cherie said...

Very cute top - and I'd love it as a nightgown or "morning coat", whatever they are! I like them in the morning before I dress. Can't stand staying in the pj's!

Especially appreciate your contrast detail - you are right, it does make a difference!

LauraLo said...

Great top! It looks perfect over jeans

Lori said...

Gorgeous color on you, I love the trim!